Claire Loach

Claire Loach lives in Toronto where she is a nurse at the Odette Cancer Centre. When she’s not providing support to patients and their families, she is a singer-songwriter and, recently, the author of three books for children, Dereekio’s Big Adventure, and My Aunt’s Ant’s Aunt. When she’s not busy being all of that, you’ll find her walking her dog Rosey in the ravine, or sharing a meal, some wine and lots of laughs with her friends and family. Click here to learn more about Claire and the books!

Claire Loach - Dereekio's Big Adventure

Dereekio’s Big Adventure

This story, by Claire Loach and Derek Vieira, is of a brave young boy named Dereekio who selflessly and courageously battles evil creatures and, in the process, saves his town, his family and his friends.

The story was written in 1989 by a very brave and sweet six-year-old boy named Derek and his nurse Claire during Derek’s admission to the chemotherapy ward at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Derek had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma which required frequent hospital admissions for him. Claire was one of his nurses. It was during one of Derek’s hospital stays that they wrote this story.

Claire Loach - My Aunt's Ant's Aunt

My Aunt’s Ant’s Aunt

A fun and magical story by Claire Loach of a young girl staying at her favourite aunt’s house. The first night, in the enchanted attic, she meets the aunt of an ant who is missing, and helps to reunite them. It has wonderful flow, humour and poetry, and teaches about compassion and respect for others. As a bonus, there is also a video of the story being read and sung by the author that can be seen on YouTube.

Claire Loach - Streetcar Rosey

Streetcar Rosey

Rosey the schnauzer loves to ride the rails. Whether it’s a subway or a streetcar, she and her human friend Claire Loach can be found having the time of their lives in Toronto. On Hallowe’en, they board the Queen streetcar ready for an adventure. But they get a whole lot more than they expected! When a spirit appears and plays a magical flute, little Rosey gains the ability to speak, and finds herself driving the streetcar! The two go on a grand adventure through the city, and say their goodbyes when the flute playing spirit returns. But they know this won’t be the last time. Rosey has a thing or two more to say…..

Claire Loach and Rosey